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Soar on your spreading wings and planetary perspective. Affirm: "Through your, Gaia, I am also transformed! I am awakening as the return of divine love and light. We are all one.

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Gaia, as you awaken, I heal myself. As I awaken, you are healed, and together our petals open ecstatically to the new Sun of Flowers. Blue Eagle asks you to join in lifting the collective mind. It is up to each one of us to hold a positive vision and affirmation, for the means by which this miracle will occur is through changes in the one affecting the greater whole. Imagine the profound impact your loving thoughts have on planetary mind.

You do make a difference! As you connect individually with the larger crystal grid network, your. This galactic grid is also known as the Mayan cobweb.

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The greatest gift you can offer to the planet is to simply be the love. Believe in yourself and your dreams and visions! Remember your special gifts, your path of service on Earth, your promise to serve the light. Everything you are connects to the greater whole. You are starseeded!

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You have the vision of the eagle. Believe in your dreams. You are the hope and the vision revealed. Your Tone is Tone 8 - Galactic Empowerment, galactic grid, path of the one heart. Eight is the ray of harmonic resonance, the foundation of self combined with the current of the trinity.

It is love made. Create the flow of harmony in your life. Enter the spiral frequencies of the greater galactic grid. You are being offered empowerment through your innate resonance with this grid. Be aware of where you are drawn, for there you will find unique opportunities. Discover the harmony of being in this natural resonance with others. Be receptive. You are the diviner of harmony, the meeting ground of physical reality and the infinite.

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Bring a deeper harmony to the practical circumstances in which you find yourself. Free the ego from its selfcenteredness. Embrace the potent energies that are raising the harmonic frequencies of the planet. Breathe easily; you are the song being sung by the new golden octave. Sound the resonant tone of the one heart!

You are not the type to grow old -- rather, you just keep moving. Curiosity and an openness to new ideas characterize you, though you sometimes fail to capitalize on what you discover. Rain personalities have an interest in the deeper side of life, so you may be religious, or perhaps you approach spirituality in a more personal way. Meditation and other consciousnessraising techniques, as well as philosophy, may also be of Or click here to jump to next zodiac type: Numerology : 2.

You are a compassionate person with a deep concern for the welfare of others. You can be very nurturing in times of crisis. Cleaning is probably a sacred ritual to you, although it is not simply a matter of controlling your environment. Instead, it is more about taking proper care of it -— though at times you may go to extremes. In the new millennium, it is the 2s of this world who will be leading the way through their refined powers of diplomacy and persuasion, and through their ability to inspire on an emotional level.

In order to lead successfully, you must develop a peaceful approach and understand how the "big picture" is influenced by seemingly minor details. Yours is the important task of connection. Great patience and dedication are required. You are the one who encourages and promotes those who have something valuable to offer. You are the one who. This makes you the ultimate networker, facilitator, and agent.

Welcome to the 12222 Earth Pig Year

Your purpose is to provide a service which enables others to move forward. You are the indispensable behind-the-scenes powerhouse on whom others rely. At the same time, you will be given the opportunity to further your own unique ambitions, dreams, and higher purposes. When you focus that special light of yours on other people, it enlivens and inspires.

You, in turn, become inspired by your own encounters, relationships, and experiences. However, it is the manner in which you travel the 2 path which will determine the quality of the oyster s pearl.

littpogoomatchla.tk The way you live your life, think your thoughts, feel your feelings, make decisions, and reach for your dreams, is likely to be quite different from the mainstream idea of success. Yet, it is from your example that the mainstream can learn, emulate, and embrace a brand new way of living which makes peace, love, and understanding their top priorities. You must remain true to your own feelings, and you must have the courage to question so called authority and expertise.

You will have to learn to do this without force. You must use your natural ability to persuade instead. PEACE is 2s objective. It may be necessary to situate yourself close to those in positions of power so that you can gain their attention and trust. You have very little inclination toward control, aggression, hard competition, or selfishness.

But without an acceptance for what you are here to accomplish, you may encounter serious problems as to where you actually stand in this competitive and aggressive world. Your emotional nature will provide the information - the intelligence - as to how peace can be created out of the chaos we now call life.

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  4. You have the ability to feel, intuit, and sense your way through life. This is a gift you must become comfortable with. It is your recognition of reality which makes you so sensitive in the first place. But it is your acceptance of reality, and your burning desire to change, and not just camouflage realities that are painful, which will bring you out of emotional extremes and into a position of power.

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    But it has not yet been recognized as such. Until our emotional realities are accepted as positive factors of life, your own emotions may tend to overwhelm you. Just as the power of emotion has not yet been recognized, you have not yet been recognized as the powerful being that you are. Humanity s misunderstanding of emotion has led us to deny our true feelings to an extreme degree.

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    There is a tendency in 2s to gravitate toward one extreme or the other, making some of you extremely over-sensitive, shy, humble, passive, and self-depreciating - or - extremely Or click here to jump to next zodiac type: Western Classical IAU—13 sign : Ophiuchus. Some 2s have to pendulate back and forth between the two extremes before a comfortable balance is achieved. Both extremes are created by fear. Your various fears, therefore, are emotions which must be faced head-on.

    There is an inherent shyness in most 2s. But if you remain true to yourself and follow your deepest feelings, your humility will be seen by others as radiance and dignity. Remember that it is your acceptance of your own unique reality which makes you so utterly persuasive and believable. Acceptance of your own reality is intelligence. Your sense of selfimportance is often overshadowed by your need to interact with and understand other people and their situations.

    Your various circumstances will teach you to relate one thing to another so that a meaningful connection can be made. You will need to understand your position within all your various relationships. It is from these connections that you will both give and receive unprecedented love. You will learn that your connection to them is relative to your perception of their reality.

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