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Chewy and mildly spiced, this is the best oatmeal raisin cookie in the world. Devastatingly rich. Imported Dutch cocoa batter blended with gourmet semisweet chips to make a chewy and delicious double fudge cookie. Chopped, crispy, crunchy Heath Bar candy hand-blended into our award-winning, all-natural ingredient dough. Real white chocolate chips, macadamia nuts and fresh natural ingredients make this cookie the epitome of good taste!

Made from scratch with unique flavor and unsurpassed quality.

Scottie Dog cookies for a birthday - Bake at °

Real pumpkin pie puree, natural spice chewy caramel. Topped with fall sprinkles. Available every year for a limited time in the Fall. Made with sweet cream, butter and finest white chocolate with dried cranberry fruit for a delicious, chewy, great tasting cookie. A special blend created for chocolate lovers.

This sweet treat consists of Dutch cocoa, white chocolate and thick semisweet chips. It's our richest chocolate cookie ever! Our nuttier interpretation of a classic cookie.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Gourmet semisweet chocolate chips, fresh-shelled walnuts, and Hope's all-natural ingredients. One of our new favorite cookies with lots of coconut, fresh shelled almonds, and sweet chocolate mini kisses which make this cookies chewy and delicious. The purest, fresh ground peanuts and other natural ingredients create this favorite. It's the ideal blend of creamy peanut butter and chips for a delicious, crispy, crunchy buttery flavor!

Nabisco Oreo Birthday Cake Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, 15.25 Oz.

All natural, freshly ground peanuts along with sheer milk chocolate chunks tip the scale with a taste of a classic combination. Creamy caramel blended with fancy large pecans. So good, you will think you are eating a pecan pie! The traditional favorite with the funny name. You won't snicker at the taste of this delightful cookie with cinnamon and sugar on top.

A palate pleasing paradise, featuring Hawaiian macadamia nuts, fresh coconut and semisweet chocolate. My Account. Back to top.

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Shopping Cart My Account Logout. Step 1 - Choose Your Box or Tin:. Cookie Guide. Start Over. Choose 12 more cookies Oops! You have too many!

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Sugar Cookie The creamiest butter on earth, the sweetest sugar available, and the freshest ingredients make an out-of-this-world cookie, that is truly sumptuous. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip This cookie is made from the best ingredients with a perfect blend of rolled Oates and semi sweet gourmet chocolate for a chewy and great tasting cookie. For other uses, see Oreo disambiguation. Chocolate sandwich cookie with creme filling. Main article: Oreo boycott.

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