Seventh house in vedic astrology

Jupiter in 7th house spouse appearance

Please tell me how will be my married life? What kind of life partner i will get?? Good one is Sun uchch ka lagn swasthya sthaan me, shukr uchch ka 12 shaiyya, vyy aur videsh sthaan me aur shani swarashee ka aay bhaav me.

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Aapka saptam matlab partner, vivaah, shaadee ka sthaan completely bhasm hai. Kutumb sthaan me ketu baithaa hai aur us par rahoo kee poorn drishti.

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Navmansh me partner sthaan ka swami sun mangal aur shukr se peedit. Rahu aapke bister ko dekhtaa hai, shukr uchch ka hokar yahee baithaa hai. So You may have extra marital life. Which definitely wont be healthy for your marital life. Talaaq, ladaaee jhagadaa and Tension will be there in whole of the life. General prediction for Marriage and Career. C 7th house partner, partnership, business and your private part ko lead karta hai. In this house ketu sitting and rahu looking.

Your 7th house and its lord currepted with rahu, ketu, shani sun. In your fate no happily married life sukh. You will have extra marital illecit relation , as you wont be able to stop it. Ketu and Mangal provoke you to do that. Child sukh bhee aapke bhaagy me kam hee hai. You will love your mom. Sir, Jupiter is in my 7th house in virgo and 7th lord mercury is in 9th house scorpio,how good this is in terms of career and marriage..

Timepm Place-Malda D. Hello sir,I have Jupiter in 7th house in virgo, and 7th lord is in 9th house scorpio. Details: Timepm Place-Malda D. And as i hav libra cusp on my 7 house it is emptey it indicates beautiful spouse? Please help me m realy worried about it.. Sir, my D. B is , am,Karnataka,India. In my heroscope Mars in 7 house,whether i have maglik dosha. Also predict year of my marraige.

Love marraige or arrange marraige. Please dont take it otherwise. Dont marry at all because your 7th house is no more healthy which lead your partner, partnership and business. Your Venus is also affected by Saturn. Who gives you enjoyable married life. Chances are love marriage and it may take place within years. In this 2. As per my view you have to think times to get marry. Or please take advice from learned non greedy pandit astrologers. Namaste, My dob is 25th June Place : Assam Nagaon I am working as a teacher in a temporary post in a private college.

Will i ever get a government job.

Moon in the 7th house in astrology (Moon in the seventh house)

I am married for three years. Will I conceive. Facing difficulty in getting a child.

Thanks in advance. Pls tell me when i will get married.. Dob:1 february Time Place:sharjah , uae. I have libra ascendent and navamsa lagna is saggitarius…pls tell me when i will get married…. In short I predict that please dont get marry. Because 1. In lagna chart, mangal and ketu is looking to your life partner place 7th house 2.

So less chances to get enjoy on bed with your life partner. Venus is completely affected with Sun, who responsible for your sex life with life partner and who lead your partner. Ketu provoke you for illicit relation which you will consider because mangal and ketu will force and provoke you to do this for …. I m very sorry to say that the Sun, Mars, Rahu sat in your 7th house and Ketu is looking directly to this house. No changes are there to get marry.

Please dont get marry because so many chances are there to death of your life partner or if he alive anyhow, you both will get divorce. Please tell me when will I get married and how will be my married life, how will be my husband? Thanks alot! M , birthplace: haveri , karanataka, can any one tell me how will be my life after marriage, and how will be my life partner?

And his education and occupation please any one help me. You will get good natured calm and cool partner. You will live good life after having children. You will have good career especially in art and creativity, media etc. You are romantic,artistic,creative. You are shy somewhat, your early childhood was painful. You feel you have nobody to look after you or to love you.

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But after 24 years of age you changed a lot. You will have miraculous fortune after marriage especially after kids born. Dont worry for your pain in life now. You will be in good position in 2nd half of life. Pls note :Dont abuse anyone if you get angry. I have attracted a bad partner because of Neptune in the 7th house. I have improved myself to attract a better partner and have learnt a lot form my experiences.

I have attracted a venus partner who seems to have honesty and empathy is this better? My kundali ketu in 7th house in Leo rashi, and rahu is in ascendent.. Pls tell me about my marriage.

12 Houses In Astrology

Ketu in 7th house , in Leo rashi , rahu is in lagna , Aquarius is ascendent …pls tell me about marriage. Aapka ketu aapko cheater banaataa hai, galat commitment karwata hai, illicit relationship rakhwaaata hai. Rahu tarah tarah se, kewal aapke fayde ke liye bhale hee wo against the rule and nature and social ho yojana banwaakar jhooth bulwaataa hai. Ketu aapkee sex kee bhaavnaa ko bhadkaataa hai. Dear Sir. I have jupiter, sun and mercury in 7th house. My lagna is Sagittarus. Saturn is in Ascendent. Mars is in 4th house aspecting seventh house.

Kindly predict my marriage?

House in Vedic Astrology

I am a Leo ascendenct with saggitarius as my rashi. I have Jupiter in my 1st house and it is aspecting the 7th house. I am worried as I am not able to get a suitable alliance. Rahu aapke 1st house ko dekh rahaa hai so tarah tarah ke vaham pale baithee ho.

Seventh House in the Complete Horoscope - Your Relationships

I have saturn and ketu in 7th house and my wife has mars and moon in seventh house, we are having difficulties in married life, please explain why and is there any remedy for it. My name is Anirudh dob is 27th Jan ,pm dehradun can you tell me about my married life as my 1st marriage was a total disaster. Mere vichaar se ya to aapkee pahlee shaadee kundali milaan se nahee huee ya ladkee kee kundalee fake hogee warna aapkee kundalee me aise yog kam hee hai.

Waise aapke saptam bhaav ka swaami guru soory shani and rahoo se peedit aur shaadee ka swami shukr mangal aur ketu se peedit hai. Hi, I am checking for my son.

Lal Kitab remedy for Saturn in Seventh house:

He has sun,mercury,venus,mars and jupiter in the seventh house and his ascendent is Kumba lugna and moon is in the 10th place. Saturn in in the 12th place.

seventh house in vedic astrology Seventh house in vedic astrology
seventh house in vedic astrology Seventh house in vedic astrology
seventh house in vedic astrology Seventh house in vedic astrology
seventh house in vedic astrology Seventh house in vedic astrology
seventh house in vedic astrology Seventh house in vedic astrology
seventh house in vedic astrology Seventh house in vedic astrology
seventh house in vedic astrology Seventh house in vedic astrology

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