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I felt the same way about Chiron.

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I began studying astrology in , and although Chiron was discovered in there was little astrological information available about Chiron until the early s. It was the late s before I even heard of Chiron, but immediately it beckoned to me.

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At the time many astronomers and astrologers thought Chiron was a comet or an asteroid, but it was later classified as a Centaur. There are lots of other Centaurs: Ixion, Pholus Nessus, etc. Because Chiron was a Centaur in mythology and classified as a Centaur astronomically, many astrologers wanted to assign the rulership of Sagittarius to Chiron. He was half immortal and is associated with integrating the spirit into the body: a very different role than the rest of the Centaurs who were primarily concerned with drinking and barbaric behavior.

Astro Mindset. Ascendant signs. Descendant signs. Astrology throughout the World. Astrological Transits. Numerology Numerological glossary. The Influence of the Moon The Moon plays a very important role in astrology.

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It influences our emotions and our personality! The Sun Above all, the Sun symbolises light, warmth and vital energy! It is also that which rules over our masculine side Yang! Mercury: between the Earth and the Sun Did you know that Mercury orbits the zodiac in 87 days? Discover the secrets of this rapid-moving planet! The Planet Venus Discover the planet Venus, visible in the night sky with its blue hue.

It is also known as the Evening Star! She reminds us to embody what we love because, as obvious as this sounds, we always value what we love most and we always love what we value most. Through this painful self-inquiry, we are, hopefully, rewarded with the tools that we need to cope with life and what life throws at us.

We can therefore transform the lead and density of matter into golden understanding through penetrating the very core of the Self and achieving total Self Mastery having successfully steadied the innermost core of the personality. From this we can infer that, through Venus, we find what brings us the most pleasure through a process of selection -selecting one thing over another because we value it more.

This shows us a hidden, secret link between esoteric Saturn-Capricorn and esoteric Venus-Gemini. It is a well-known fact that the synodic cycle of Venus traces the outline of a perfectly symmetrical flower in the heavens. According to goodvibeastrology. Venus takes opposing forces and transforms and unifies them into something whole, while Saturn balances the scales via the unconscious process of working through karma and transmuting the pain and limitation these karmas incur thereby becoming a unique individual, cleansed of the actions of the past.

This festival took place at the beginning of the Solar New Year when the Sun is in Capricorn -uncoincidentally a time of year when much of the modern world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. When the ground lies fallow, darkness presides and the days are at their shortest ebb and so the birth of a new King fills the darkest time of the year with brilliant hope and light. We can make a deliberate effort to honour the fact that we always have access to both polarities and can traverse them at will once we have become conscious of our tendency to project out shadows or our light as the case may be.

Discipline, mind-mastery and conscious awareness directed strategically and willfully can all help us overcome the difficulties presented to us by our Gemini-Capricorn quincunxes. The number seven is also associated with the days of the week -we go from the first day of the week to the seventh day before the whole cycle begins again. Both Capricorn-Saturn and Venus-Gemini are the harbingers of this type of individuality and uniqueness.

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People ask how long it will take to get rid of their symptoms, or problems […] and one can only say until the evolution has taken place; taken from a sidereal time standpoint, nobody knows how long it will last. It can be long or short, because as Dr. Jung says, one does not solve conflicts, one outgrows them. Therefore to come out of a problem means an evolution, either long or short. Every seven years -the number seven again! Every seven years transiting Saturn forms a hard angle to natal Saturn, a time typified by difficulties and set-backs and a need to toughen up.

Gemini traditionally rules the arms i. Osiris, who forms part of the mythic backdrop for Saturn-Capricorn was usually portrayed with green skin, denoting his power to encourage growth and vegetation. The Ancient Egyptians recognised the importance of the cycle of growth and decay and so green was also associated with death and the power of resurrection.

It is through enshrining Venus in our lives that we may successfully carve out our own sense of potency and self-worth. The Moon, in her aspect as the Goddess, stands for the codified mores and abstract social values that are concerned with marital bonds and tribal roots; our sense of familiarity and belonging.

She represents collective attitudes which may hamper the development of the individual as well as over-identification with the collective. If we overidentify with our lunar sides we lose the possibility of becoming ourselves Cancer-Moon, remember is the sign-planet opposite Capricorn-Saturn. Beauty and perfectionism, in Venusian terms, are rooted in sensual delight and aesthetic pleasure while Saturnian perfection is about refining our inner selves through the sheer force of our grit and willpower -the determination to separate from Source and be born an individual.

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It can therefore be said that Venus and Saturn and the Gemini-Capricorn quincunx are concerned with individuation. The rest has to be left alone. Libido and energy should not be wasted on things which do not belong.

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Gemini-Capricorn quincunxes are certainly not easy but, with conscious awareness, honesty, and a healthy amount of self-enquiry, we can turn the challenges they present into golden nuggets of wisdom. Every Zodiac sign has a central set of mythic motifs and karmic patterns that tend to define the dreams of people who are strongly influenced by that sign in their birth-chart.

Look to the Ascendant, Sun Sign placement, major planetary aspects.

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  7. By looking deeply at her dreams I have been able to pick out several common themes that dominate her life and which have been tremendously helpful for her in helping make more sense of the"purpose" of her current incarnation. The astral emblem for the sign, was originally imaged as a scarab beetle by the Ancient Egyptians rather than a crab. In this sense it contains both masculine and feminine polarities. All new births -both literal and symbolic -need both masculine and feminine energies to help make their potential manifest.

    Cancer tends to struggle with actualising its masculine qualities assertion, independence, action etc and often has an overdeveloped feminine side that is receptive, fluid, changeable and nourishing yet finds it hard to push past the barrier of inertia into action. It is the karmic life mission of the Cancerian individual to balance this overdeveloped feminine side by giving equal voice to their masculine side but without dissociating from the feminine principle and all the fecundity and richness that it has to offer. Cancerians tend to run into problems and face difficulties in these relationships if they fail to realise that they will not provide them with the lost wholeness that they are seeking.

    Ultimately, the problem that Cancer encounters is separation from the Primordial Mother -the oceanic source of life. The point is that there will be a lifetime theme of separating from the Primordial Mother aka the Universal Source that contains no opposites, no separateness, no aloneness and no pain. The Cancer type is terrified of cutting the umbilical cord off from Source, from Universal Oneness where all life is unformed and undifferentiated.

    Cancer types long for the fusion and blissful oneness of the womb but life often does not permit Cancer to stay in these undifferentiated waters forever.

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    It is easy for Cancer to stay lost in an archetypal dream-world of fantasies and illusions, refusing to make their own way in the world and finding it easier to remain submissive and reclusive —like a fetus still being replenished by universal embryonic fluid. These painful patterns will continue to repeat themselves until the Cancer-type learns that they must be their own Mother, Father, Home, psychic container etc. They must learn that security and nourishment comes from within. There is tremendous creative power and potential available for people who are able to access the world of the Universal Unconscious with such ease and it is precisely this numinous gift that furnishes Cancer with its deep, endlessly fertile, restless and chaotic inner life.

    However, for these gifts to benefit others, they must be bought out into outer expression otherwise they are nothing more than untapped potential.


    It is by awakening the unexpressed masculine principle that these gifts may finally be bought into fruition. Below are a few of the dreams that Katy, my Cancerian client shared with me over the course of our work together. Feel free to either skim through them, read them in depth or skip them all together. Either way, enjoy! For a step-by-step approach on how to interpret your dreams using an easy three-step method, click here. In early March Katy shared a dream with me that featured the number 3 in it.

    I go and look through my closet and find some of his clothes in there. Strangely, they are hanging up on the same hanger as my clothes so there are layers of his shirts and layers of my shirts hanging there together.

    sedna in sagittarius astrology Sedna in sagittarius astrology
    sedna in sagittarius astrology Sedna in sagittarius astrology
    sedna in sagittarius astrology Sedna in sagittarius astrology
    sedna in sagittarius astrology Sedna in sagittarius astrology
    sedna in sagittarius astrology Sedna in sagittarius astrology

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