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Pisces Health Horoscope 12222 for the year of the Yellow Earth PIG

If your birth date falls between February 19 and March 20, you are a Pisces. Your sign is governed by Neptune, Roman god of the water. Pisces are going to have a good year in , in several areas. Financially, Saturn finally left the eight house, in a way that allows them to earn more money, to pay debts, to make important investments. It is a proper year for business so you must not limit yourself to the money they earn at the workplace.

Pisces Horoscope 12222 In Hindi

The salary is an important source of income, but under no circumstances must be the only one. You will get what you want professional. There are no major obstacles nor planets which will especially encourage you. Neptun can help them to achieve success trough expressing emotions, by talent and creativity, thanks to some great ideas, by wide initiative, by trusts or large companies, trough careers related to mystery and esoterism, trough professions which deal with appearance and collectivities, by publicity and skilled presentations.

The first part of is auspicious for intellectual approaches, speaking debates or literary, calculations, negotiations, evidence, exams, interviews. Investment property and initiatives related to house and heritage are welcomed starting April , but with a little warning of caution between May 15 and June In love, you are among the zodiac signs most favored by the stars in Many of the natives have tasted the sweet fruits of love in the previous year, especially during the first part.

Now, these evolutions are continuing with an increased intensity, starting from August 11, when Jupiter enters the house of partnerships and marriage.

Pisces Health Horoscope

As Saturn and Pluto enter a retrograde motion,you might want to restructure their social life during March-May and to avoid certain friends that might envy you. A warm conversation or the chance to restart a relationship with someone makes the beginning of June very special and optimistic for you. After a few weeks full of events, the next ones can be calmer and easier to pass.

There are also positive aspects of these influences because true friends act in an atmosphere of mutual support. With Jupiter in transit through the house of marriage, it is very possible for the to find your soulmate. Or, in case of those who already have a partner, to take important steps for consolidating their relationship: engagement rings, wedding invitations, choosing godparents and, in some cases, even plans for buying diapers and baby carriages.

September 12222 love compatibility horoscope for Pisces Sign

The most compatible zodiac signs with the Pisces natives in love are: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn. You want endless love, you are very romantic and not without reason you are considered some of the greatest lovers of the zodiac. They are passionate and they can form a splendid couple with the Scorpio natives, these exemplary syrupy lovers, but also with the Cancer, who will profess the eternal love they so desperately seek.

When we look for our soul mate and we want a good couple relationship, we need to take into account the things we have in common.


In terms of money, is going to be a very good year. Between May and August , friends will pay attention to the opinions of the natives born under this zodiac signs because they are going to be more active and more visible. The relationships with your bosses and your colleagues might be more problematic and must be treated skillfully and casually.

You will try to bring order in your documents and bank accounts. Attention though! However, the situation gets balanced by Saturn, which allows you to correct your mistakes, when necessary.

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The realism, one of your best characteristics , and your innate common sense will help you avoid any future issues if you pay attention to details. Between April and July , you will have a lot of work to do, the deadlines will be very tight and they will have to deal with situations when you have to prove your leadership spirit, decision capacity, courage, cold blood, fast reactions and competitive skills.

Only after the first trimester of the year, your efforts and sustained work will start to show fruit. All these organs need special care. You will have concerns regarding your beauty. This is a time to go for a dental checkup. Your eyes also need more care. Stay away from harsh lights, so that you can keep your eyes safe. Your food intake is also important during this week. This moon will aspect the sector for the subconscious mind.

You will try to follow alternative medicines. This is a good time to heal your wounds through prayer and meditation. The Sun is influencing sexual organs and emotional stress.

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  8. Your mind is very active and you may get emotional needs. Partnerships and finances can be the primary cause of concern. You have to control your emotional nature and please be listening to others. This is a good time to take out that emotional baggage. There is nothing wrong with going for healing or a therapy. You can even do self-healing by sharing your worries with learned people.

    Mercury and Venus are aspecting your facial organs as well. So, there will be an interest to improve your beauty. Your eyes and teeth also will need more care. Multiple planets will influence the sector for sexual organs and pineal gland. They will aspect the sector for health and mental disposition too. Menstrual issues are also possible during this phase. The pineal gland is also activated so, this is a good time for meditation as well.

    These planets will impact your head and cranium area as well. So cold and minor fever is also possible you may feel that your emotions are active. Minor headache and fever are also possible. This is just part of the transit. Your ovaries, kidneys and lower half of the back, pelvic girdle, lumbar region, bladder, the lower part of the large intestine, sexual organs uterus, cervix, testicles, and prostate gland are triggered by two fiery planets the Sun and Mars.

    This is a sensitive time for your sexual organs.

    Pisces Health Horoscope

    Menstrual issues are also possible during this week. The general restless regarding these areas can be temporary as the Sun and Mars, both indicate fiery nature.

    see During this time, if you have a venereal disease, it can get aggravated, but that also will be in a temporary mode. These planets will aspect the head and cranium area. So, there will be issues like headache or fever. You need more rest and the universe is reminding that. Mercury and Venus are triggering the sector for the subconscious mind, so there will be some emotional issues and you must take them seriously and solve it.

    You will have to be very careful with your partners. There are chances for some arguments with them. Your excretory and sexual organs also will be very sensitive. You will have to take care of them, basically from bacterial attack. The full moon will be rising in the sector for physical health, head and cranium area. This will be a very sensitive time for your personal life as well.

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